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Investment Process

Step 1: We Start By Listening
We work with you to clearly define your goals and objectives. We realize everyone’s financial situation is unique. We learn as much about you as we can in order to create a tailored investment strategy for you.

Step 2: We Develop An Asset Allocation
The guiding principle of our investment philosophy is asset allocation. Academic studies conducted over the last twenty years have shown that the asset allocation decision is the most important variable in determining the long-term return from a portfolio of securities. This means the percentage of your dollars that are invested in stocks, bonds, real estate, and cash will far outweigh the effects of individual security selection and market timing.

Once your asset allocation is determined, we develop a customized portfolio which is designed to both enhance returns and control risk. This is accomplished by selecting the best investments in each category while diversifying your portfolio among investment styles and industry sectors. 

Step 4: We Monitor, Manage And Rebalance Your Portfolio
Our portfolio managers continuously monitor and manage your investment portfolio. If a necessary change is identified, your portfolio manager will make the appropriate adjustments. As new money is deposited into your account, your portfolio is reviewed to ensure the deposit is properly allocated. Since asset allocation is not a one-time event, we also periodically rebalance your portfolio. We also realize that it is the after-tax rate of return that is what concerns you most. Our portfolio managers and CPAs work hard to minimize taxes in your portfolio.

Step 5: We Take A Long-Term Approach
We believe the investment strategy that has proven itself time and again isconsistent, long-term investing. Equities are an attractive investment because of their long-term growth potential. We believe true stability comes onlywith time.  In addition, when we take you on as a client we fully intend to be your investment advisor forthe rest of your life. We work diligently with you to build a long-term relationship and become your family’s most trusted advisor.


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