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Client Communication

We are firmly committed to keeping you informed and involved in the wealth management process. Organization and simplification is a top priority. 

Dedicated Service Teams
We pride ourselves on excellent client service. We ensure service teams remain stable and focused on your priorities. Both a portfolio manager and a client service specialist is assigned to your account. This team approach ensures there is always someone available to answer your questions. Your portfolio manager has the primary responsibility of managing and monitoring your investments. Your client service specialist ensure a smooth and easy transfer of your assets and handles all of your administrative needs.

Quarterly Calls
You can expect a phone call from your portfolio manager at least once every ninety days. Even if no changes are necessary, your manager will call to check in and give you an update. If market conditions or your particular situation dictate, you will be contacted more frequently. You are also free to contact your portfolio manager at any time.

Performance Reports
To enable you to easily track your investments, we provide quarterly performance reports that summarize on one concise page how each investment performed during the quarter. In addition, we can produce customized reports to provide you with transaction history, deposit history and cost basis information.

Monthly Statements
Your custodian mails monthly statements directly to your home or business.

Quarterly Video Update
Each quarter we send you a video update which discusses various financial topics and reviews activity in the stock market.


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